Hey ya’ll. I’ve been super busy the last month and a half with new calves on my lil’ farm. This is all new for me and wow at the things you learn.  But anyways this is leading up to my new craft post today using old rusty things on the farm.

I have tons of ole rusty horseshoes around not because I’ve had horses but because I love rusty farm stuff.

So when putting up a new wooden door for the calves I thought about making a sign that said COWS but by using the horseshoes as letters. Here’s how I started.

I just laid them out and moved them around until they started looking like the letters I needed. I just loved tge big fat one I had for a c.

I used medium sized wood screws and screwed them into the door.

And then came the “s.”  I got it but it doesn’t look as good as the other letters.

But I got it the best I could.

The s is just the best I could get it but I’m sure the cows wont mind.

And then I needed to make something to fill the space around it.  So I wanted a rusty wreath made of barbwire. So for me I just went over in an old field and cut some. But if you don’t have any, maybe you can ask around or buy a new roll of wire, and spray paint it rusty brown.

Here I just made a few circles with it and then screwed it straight to the door.

And for one last sign for the side of the lil ole barn, here’s what I made.

I did finally wash off the MOO sign later. I screwed it to a piece of 2×6 then to the wall. But fir the word COWS I just screwed each letter to the wall individually.



Here is a very easy General Store sign you could make for any country kitchen out of about any kind of wood.  I free handed the words Eggs, Butter, Lard and Opinions on it with just chalk! And nope, I didn’t even use the fancy chalk paint to get to do this!

I started off with these extra pieces of wood.  The larger one, would’ve been a little bit too big or I would’ve loved it.

The board to the left is just a piece of pine board left over from our counter top redo.
So really, any type of board will do.

All you really need is to buy some black paint from Walmart like this:

 It is outdoor, flat black.

Paint it on the board,

One coat was all I needed because I like to let some wood show.

Then I put a saw tooth hanger on the back. You can get them in a pack at
the Dollar Tree for $1.00.

And while you’re there, pick up some chalk. That is what I free handed
the words with was chalk!

And best of all is that  since the black paint is outdoor paint, the chalk
wipes right off with a damp rag.  If you ever want to change it up again.

I just thought up words that might be on a sign in an old general store.
But you could easily make this board into a memo board or a menu board for your
country kitchen!

Hope ya’ll will give this cute sign a try!
Happy Crafting!

I did finally get to do something with the HUGE piece of old cute wood up there on the right.
I just painted it black with the same paint, in case I ever want to write on it too. 
But for now,
here’s how I have it used in my home:

Just sitting on a counter top, holding a wreath hanger at the top.
With a few dish towels draped over it and a piece of my favorite fabric!

Primitive Wooden Pumpkins "Pumpkin Boards"

Primitive Wooden Pumpkins
Here are some cute “Pumpkin Boards” as my Aunt Marlene calls them, that I made for decorations a few years back.  And I just ran across them on my pc and realized I’ve never shared them.
I made them out of some left over boards that we had from a remodel. 
The boards are not thick, maybe about a half inch or less and they are pine.
Pine is great for crafts because it is very lightweight.
I started with the long boards and just free handed some cuts to make kinda in the shape of notches.

And then at the top, shaped it off with a pumpkin type stem.  And then I cut out those marks with a jigsaw.
I painted the the boards a cinnamon orange in flat. I love this color.
It is an outdoor paint too, so it will be fine to sit beside a door in by the drive.

After I let the paint dry, I took some very rough grit sandpaper and sanded all the notches and sides to give the pumpkin a worn look.

And notice the little wooden star I attached with glue?
I just kinda freehanded a star shape onto some very thin plywood board we had. This is the type of board that is meant to go down on floors before linoleum. I think it’s called lieu-on or something of the such.  It’s very cheap and is available at Lowes.

And then on a few of them, I thought that maybe stenciling a star on would be way easier and faster.

 And it was! Shew.

 On a few of them, while I had my stencils out, I also used the checkerboard pattern to dress them up a bit.

And then on a few, by the stems, I took a piece of twine, the kind in the garden section, and tied a little bow.

 And then on a few of the others,  I took some sprigs of grapevine garland and kinda twirled it around it.
Oh, one more thing. To make the pumpkin stand up on it’s own. I used a square piece of leftover board I had laying around for the large pumpkin. Because it needs the most support. I nailed it up from the bottom into the pumpkin.  And then I took a triangular piece of board I cut with a jigsaw and made a brace, on the back, from that bottom square piece to the back of the pumpkin.
It made it hold very good and stood strong.
On the smaller pumpkin I didn’t put the square bottom, but instead just a triangle piece of wood as a stand.  And it worked great.
I wish I had more pics of the process, but I made these a few years ago and I’m just happy I found these.

Hope ya’ll liked these wooden pumpkins.
Wouldn’t they look cute with some tiny primitive lights strung on them too?

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See ya’ll next time!

Primitive RUSTY STAR MAGNETS Tutorial

Easy Primitive Rusty Star Refrigerator Magnets!

 I love primitives in every room.  And here is an easy craft that you can make to spruce up your kitchen a tad bit.
Here they are out of the pack with a bit of bakers twine

 Super strong round magnet on back.

Super easy too!
First, get you some metal, rusty stars like this:
These measure approximately 2 1/4″ each.
If you can’t find them at a craft store, I have a few auctions on ebay with these plain, metal, rusty stars available here for a lot of 5 for only $5.99 with free shipping.
 (I hate to plug in my auctions, but
if you would like a set of 5 already finished with magnets, you can find them here.)
My set of 5 all packaged up and ready to go.
Okay, now on to making these cuties!
Next you will need some good strong magnets because we all know we tend to pile the papers and photos on our refrigerators! I choose these magnetic buttons from Walmart.
They are about 3/4″ in diameter and come in packs of 52 for around $4 or $5.  And best of all, they are very strong! 
Next you will need some super strong glue that will hold these magnets to the metal and can withstand much use.
As always I turn to the good ole E6000 glue, also from Walmart for about $3 or $4 for a large tube.
It is great on just about any surface you could imagine needing to glue.
And next all you need to do is add about a dime size amount of glue to the backs of each star.  
My stars are the 3D type, so the glue needs to be enough that it will reach the entire surface of the magnet for a strong hold.

And after that, just let them sit and dry for about 24 hours to get a good strong hold.  
And they are then ready for use. 

These stars I chose have a tiny hole at the top and I may go back and add a little strip of homespun to a few in a fabric that will match my kitchen. A rusty red.

Very simple and super cute~!

And then I just put them in a slide, seal top plastic baggie.  And add a cute topper to it.

I hope you liked this easy, how to for Primitive Rusty Star Magnets!!!


First I’d like to let everyone know that I have definitely not given up primitives! Primitives are my passion. This blog isn’t going to change. So If you are following it and like it, don’t worry, I’ll still be posting! 🙂
Making primitive crafts, hunting for them, re-doing them, that is what I love. And I am going to continue with primitives soon. But as for now, I have changed up my actual Booth #555 in the Morehead Peddlers Mall. Just for a little change. I have remade it into a girly themed booth.
The reason for this change, mostly, is that we do not have any local Bath and Body Works stores around. We have to drive a little over an hour to our nearest one, located in Lexington, KY. And my sisters are always pestering me to get them some. lol.
So, with that in mind, I decided to open up a girly booth, stocked full of Bath and Body Works. Instead of renting a new booth to do this. I redone my 4 year old Booth #555 that focused on primitives. It was time for a complete makeover. As the walls were full of holes and such. And so while I had it all cleaned out and empty. That was the time to go with a fresh new theme.
And here we have it. It’s not completely done. But this was it as of yesterday. I still have a bit to go before it’s completely ready for the weekend shoppers.
But as I said before, I’m not quitting my primitive sales. I am going to re-open another booth in the same mall. It will also have the same Booth # 555. I wanted to keep that number because it is tied to my crafting blog site here! It was my start. I’ve had that same primitive booth for 4 years now and counting.
I already miss having primitives at the Peddlers Mall and it’s just been down for five days now. lol. And within 3 months I will have another one stocked full! I just could not go very long without making some primitive crafts. It is in my blood! 🙂
Here’s a look back, before I go, of how it was, and how the new booth will be: stacked full of primitives!
And just to give you more insight, this is one of the aisles inside the peddlers mall:

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Old Window Makeover

Here’s what I started with. I found 5 of these old windows at a yard sale for only $2 each.
  I knew I either wanted to make mirrors out of them or display racks like I’ve seen in a few craft blogs.
Well, I went with the display racks because I need some more display room in my Peddlers Mall booth.
 I very carefully knocked out the glass in two of them by putting the windows down inside of a big ole cardboard box. A very skinny one. The wicker table had came in it and it was perfect. I then hit on the sides of the box with a rubber hammer until all the glass was pretty much broken out. This way the glass didn’t fly around and I didn’t have a mess to clean up afterwards either.

 Next, I put some chicken wire on the backside of them both. I stapled it on with a big ole staple gun from Lowes. Then I stenciled on the “Primitive” saying at the top. On one of them I cut some fabric and added a little curtain to make it more country. The other I left plain. And that’s the one I like best.
And here it is. I use those metal “S” hooks to hang items on these in my booth. They save me alot of space and look so cute for displaying about anything!

Makeover | Window Treatment

My latest makeover project is a little wooden window frame.

Heres the before:

And here’s the after:

 Price after makeover: $24.99

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