DIY Stamped Gift Tags

I have been on a kick recently about making stamped gift tags.  
I have all sorts of stamps I have collected over the years and they are now being put to use. 
And if you don’t have the right stamp for the right occasion, 
they are super easy and cheap over on ebay.

Here’s what you need:
-Plain Manilla Tags or Make Your Own 
out of stock paper and a tag punch (which I do a lot!)
I got my punch on ebay.
-Stamp of choice
( I love bakers twine and it comes in all sorts of various colors)

Then simply just get to stamping up your favorite designs! 
String it and you are done!
So super easy and the designs are only limited to your imagination really!
Here’s some of my recent sets.  I tend to make them in sets of 25. 
That amount fits great in my little baggies.

Oh yea, some of them I like to “Grungy” up. 
I think it makes them a bit more primitive looking.
But you must do this before stamping, or so I’ve learned so that the stamped
design doesn’t run.
To do so, I just mix a bit of brown craft paint into a small amount of water.
I then dip the tags down into the mix, 
lay them on a baking sheet and back for about 10 minutes in a 400* oven.
Take out, set aside and cool. And then I go back and brush on a bit of Vanilla Extract.
It takes a bit of time, but it is o’so worth it!
Here’s a close up of some of my “grungy” tags:

Whether you choose to make your tags grungy or not, I’m sure they will be super cute.
These are awesome to tie onto gifts or to just decorate your primitives with.
I also even just add them as a “Made by” tag for some of my handmade crafts now and then.
Till next time,
Happy Crafting Ya’ll,


Here is a very easy General Store sign you could make for any country kitchen out of about any kind of wood.  I free handed the words Eggs, Butter, Lard and Opinions on it with just chalk! And nope, I didn’t even use the fancy chalk paint to get to do this!

I started off with these extra pieces of wood.  The larger one, would’ve been a little bit too big or I would’ve loved it.

The board to the left is just a piece of pine board left over from our counter top redo.
So really, any type of board will do.

All you really need is to buy some black paint from Walmart like this:

 It is outdoor, flat black.

Paint it on the board,

One coat was all I needed because I like to let some wood show.

Then I put a saw tooth hanger on the back. You can get them in a pack at
the Dollar Tree for $1.00.

And while you’re there, pick up some chalk. That is what I free handed
the words with was chalk!

And best of all is that  since the black paint is outdoor paint, the chalk
wipes right off with a damp rag.  If you ever want to change it up again.

I just thought up words that might be on a sign in an old general store.
But you could easily make this board into a memo board or a menu board for your
country kitchen!

Hope ya’ll will give this cute sign a try!
Happy Crafting!

I did finally get to do something with the HUGE piece of old cute wood up there on the right.
I just painted it black with the same paint, in case I ever want to write on it too. 
But for now,
here’s how I have it used in my home:

Just sitting on a counter top, holding a wreath hanger at the top.
With a few dish towels draped over it and a piece of my favorite fabric!

PRIMITIVE Checkerboard COASTERS from Tile Squares

DIY Primitive Tile Coasters from leftover tiles
Sorry for the week of hiatus. I have been away on vacation in Tampa Bay.
 Thanks to all ya’ll who kept ordering from my ebay store, even though it was on vaca mode. I will be processing those right after this post. I really didn’t expect it to do good while I was gone. Thanks again! I appreciate every order!
Today, I want to share how I made some cute Primitive Checkerboard Coasters out of tile blocks like this.
If you don’t have this exact kind, I’m sure about any type of tile will work. These are just what I had on hand.
First off, you want to get a checkerboard stencil with small squares.  I had one that I bought from ebay years ago.  It does not have to be a tiny one, just as long as you can center some squares on this.  You don’t have to use all the checkerboard blocks.
And I choose a black color for the checkerboard. And I use a makeup sponge to dab it on.
And after you stencil on the main checkerboard pattern, it’s time to add a personalized touch.
I took out my lettering stencils and ink,
and stamped on my last name like this.
I love how these are going to be personalized and perfect to give as gifts in sets of four!
Then here is an optional step. I took the makeup sponge and dry sponged on some black to the edges. It kind of gives it a worn and older, prim look.  Not all people will like this, but I did it. 
I even added a dab of red on some, to the edges too, after the black dried.
And then it was sealing time. I used an indoor/outdoor varnish for sealing.
This pic was just when I was trying the sealer out on top of just the checkerboard pattern to test it for streaks. And it did good. It dried a satin look that wasn’t as shiny as the pic shows.
And I did two coats of the sealer.
Here is an assortment of names I’ve been doing for friends and family.
And here is one all dried. I even use the broken ones as you see. I like them too!

And I set one up by my entry, with my Halloween decorations. I really like these little, primitive, checkerboard coasters.  Even if you don’t use them to save your table tops, you can use them as cute little decorating props.

Hope ya’ll liked these Checkerboard Coasters from tiles. It was really easy and they are a great, personalized gift to give in sets of four!
If you like the burlap, pumpkin bags in the background, here’s a link to them and here’s the pumpkin spoons link.
See ya’ll next time,


Here’s a little different spin I thought I’d try with some cute candles.

I call them Cupcake Candles.
I had some candy corn style candles left over from my craft booth sales, and I was trying to find a way to re-do them to sale again.  And then I thought about making something with the cute Halloween cupcake papers I had on hand.
And then I thought, hum, what about some Halloween Cupcake Candles?
They’d be cute tucked on a kitchen shelf maybe.
Here’s what I did. I took the cute little candy corn votives, (if you don’t have this style,  you can easily paint your own on the plain white ones with some yellow and orange paint,) Halloween cupcake wrappers and dried pumpkin pods. And later a rusty lid that I made.
And glued them to the cupcake papers.  Just to hold them in place good. I used E-6000 glue from Walmart.
And then to dress them up, I tossed in the top, around the candle, some pumpkin putka pods.  
The pumpkin putka pds are used in primitive decorating for bowl fillers and crafts. I found mine on ebay from a wonderful lady’s store called simple*gatherings. You get 4 cups for only $5.74. So it really goes a long way.
And then I took a bit of grapevine garland and made a circle big enough to hold it all.
I think I may sit this on a dark little saucer of some sort also on my shelf.
And then I thought I could do a little bit more and put these in some grungy, rusty jar lids I’ve previously made. (Later this week, I’m posting on how to grung up the entire Mason jars also.)
And here they are in the lids:
I added some more dried pumpkin pods,
And to kind of finish it off, I took (ripped) a sprig of one of my pip berry garlands, and tied it around the jar lid. They are made of coated wire, so they bend very easily.
And that is about it. So many ways you can really go about making these cupcake candles. I could have even put one of the cupcake, paper liners in the rusty lid too! I will on my next one.
Hope ya’ll liked this little idea for the votives.  And remember, if you don’t have the candy corn ones, just take the white, plain ones and paint a stripe of orange and yellow and BAM! You got’em.
See ya’ll next time!


DIY Primitive Canister Lids

Here are some primitive canister lids that I recently remade.
Sorry that I didnt snap a before photo of the lids, but they were the basic light brown wood.  ( Seems I get in such a hurry to paint them, I forget…. a lot.)
I think this set of glass canisters came from the Family Dollar store.
  • I first gave the wooden lids a light sanding with medium grit paper. Just to rough them up enough to absorb paint.
  •  Then I painted on a light coat of flat black. (I choose the outdoor kind so that after lots of uses it wouldn’t come off as easy as craft paint.)
  • Then I roughed them back up with sandpaper again and took quite a bit of the paint off on purpose to give them a warn look.
  • Then I wanted to add a few stars on the lids to make them a bit more prim. I used a small stencil I found on eBay along with some Delta Stencil paint.  The Delta stencil paint is oil based, takes 24 hours to dry, and will last a long, long time.
  • And I stenciled the little stars on using a makeup sponge. The best thing I’ve found over any stencil brush and you can throw it away without having to try and clean an oil base paint out.
And here’s another shot of the lid.  Look close, I took some of the stencil paint in off white to rub on the edges to give it a more aged look. Just after it’s dry, remember to give the edges another slight sanding:
And that was all to it. Just remember to let the Delta stencil paint dry for 24 hours for best results.
Thanks for stopping in ya’ll!
This set of 4 glass canisters are for sale in my
Thank You!

Primitive Old Wood SIMPLIFY BOX

As a quick share for today, I’m gonna show you some pics of an old wooden box.

When I got it, it was all plain and dirty and with years of leaves and crud inside.
It didn’t matter to me though, I knew I could do something with it.
I took a water hose to it at first with a good scrubbing consisting of about 4 brillo pads.
And then after it all dried good, I got out my stencils.
Looking for a big one, I choose the one as you see saying, “Simplify.”
And the large star.
I get all of my stencils off from eBay by just searching for “primitive stencils.”
Anyways, after using some Delta stencil paint, (also found on eBay,)
I let it dry for about 24 hours.  
If you’ve ever worked with the Delta stencil paints before, you know this is a must because they take a long time to dry because it is oil based.  But the good thing is that they cover great and last long.
After that I just took some craft sealer, found in the craft paint section
 and put on a coating of that in matte.
In this pic below you can still see it a bit wet looking before it had dried completely:
But don’t worry, it dries completely clear:
And here it is all finished and ready to sell:
It is for sell in my craft Booth#555

DIY Primitive Watering Cans

I’ve been in the mood to do some summery crafts now that Spring is here.

So today I’d like to show you how I re-made some old plain watering cans.
Here is the before photo


 I won at an auction for only $2.00 each. I took a total of 3 cases of 4, getting 12 cans in all. So total spent was $24. I’m going to price them for $11.99 each and hopefully if they all sell, it will pay for my months rent in my Booth#555, which is $120.00 plus a 4% fee.

Keep in mind you can use any cans that you may have or even look for the cheap ones at Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store.

 They were cute as they were in the blue and white speck, but having so many I needed to change a few up.
So I started with some regular craft paint from Walmart, the .88cent bottles.
Give them a good coating. For the first few I chose the burgundy red:
I left that cute rusty spot showing through some. I liked it.
Then I picked through my drawer of primitive stencils that I bought from eBay.
My favorite ones are the Old Crow and the Stars.
It’s so rough. I have used this same stencil for years.
I put on the stencil paint with a makeup sponge.
Start with a small dab of paint. It’s best not to get it very wet at once either, or the paint will bleed under your stencil. So less is more really!
I used a few different of my stencils and here’s some pics of the first set:
And then I wanted to make up some in different colors and here they are.
For this one, I mixed up some gray, dark blue and little bit of black and some off yellow and came up with the base color that kind of looks like old metal. 
Then I took some red and dry brushed it on to make it look like old rust:
 So far this is my absolute favorite one!:
And then on a few I took some different kind of paint that I found at BigLots for around $2.49 and painted a few again that I didn’t like how they had turned out.  It is a gloss red:
I like how these dried a deeper red and with a touch of shine!
And here’s a few pics of all the rest:
I ended up keeping one with a star and glossy finsish for my front porch.
I put a vine in it and I think it looks kinda cool.
These watering cans are available in my 
Booth #555 
$11.99 each
and I might upload one in my Etsy shop.
I hope I didn’t price them too high, but they are metal.
Happy Crafting Ya’ll.


Here is a cute $5.00 trunk that I won at an auction.
It was a rusty brown color with bits of black here and there before.
I did remember to snap a before pic this time!
But only after I finished spray painting it entirely black!
Here’s a pic of it, but from the back.

 Well, I knew I could do something cute with it.
So I decided to just make it a little primish.
I had a large “SIMPLIFY” stencil that I got off from eBay that I had been dieing to use.
So I got that out along with some star stencils.
And this is what it ended up like:

And here is another one that started out just like the first one.
It’s just a little bit bigger.
But I forgot the before pics, or either I can’t find them one.

I took a can of wine colored spray paint and kind of sprayed here and there around the edges to give it a little more interesting color.

And off to my Peddlers Mall Booth #555 it went:
I priced it for $29.99
PRICE: $29.99
Sold in my Booth#555


I’m going to share a post today about some of the crafts that I most frequently make to sell.  After making them, I sell them in my craft booth, Booth #555 at the Morehead Peddlers Mall.

And here is just a few that are super easy and fun!

Snowman Clothespin Magnets:
These adorable snowmen magnets are a super fun craft.  They cost only a few dollars to make a package of 50.  And as you see I price these for $1.00 each in my booth.  You can also use them as bag clips for potato chips and such.

Click Here for the full instruction list to make these.

Snowman & Pumpkin Wooden Spoons:

These are super fun and easy to make also.  And on the cheap side but you can sell them for around $2.00 and still make a profit locally.  If selling online I know you have to raise it to cover various costs.  But local sales and craft booths these can be huge money makers.  Just keep enough in stock and ready to go.

CLICK HERE for full instructions.


These are a messy craft but fun! Who doesn’t love having primitive looking candles sitting around? I think they look so country, I just love them!
You can grab the plain, white candles at your local Big Lots store for cheap!

CLICK HERE for detailed instructions.


And finally, one of my all time favorite crafts,

These are super fun and look adorable in any country kitchen. I have crocks and jars full of these in my home. And I’m adding to them every time I make a batch!

CLICK HERE for detailed instructions.

Primitive Cloth Candy Canes From the Dollar Store Kind

Hey ya’ll! I hope everyone is stuffed and getting in some good rest after Thanksgiving yesterday.

I will not be one of those out looking for Black Friday deals, it’s just not my thing.  So instead I will be here typing up some of the crafts I’ve recently made.  I hope they can give ya’ll a little idea of how to make some really cute and easy Christmas crafts.

Okay, first I started off with these hard, plastic candy canes.  I got them in packages at the Dollar Store last year in the after Christmas sales boxes.  I bought all they had and I think they may have been around a quarter per pack or so.

And here is how I went about making them into some cute, primitive themed candy canes.

All you need is some fabric, hot glue gun and some jingle bells.  The fabric I used started its’ life as a bed skirt.  I got this at a store that sells JC Penny discontinued items and such, for only $2.00.  It was just right as it is a light red and cream pinstripe.

I then started to rip them into little strips. I like leaving the edges torn and raveled so that it looks more prim.  I left each one about 6 to 8 inches long or so.

So now, just take your glue gun and run a bead of glue at the very bottom. This is where you will start the fabric and make your way up.

And then just start to wrap it like this:

And you just keep wrapping and wrapping.  I add a bit of hot glue here and there along the way to make it stay secure.

And then I just continued on making more and more.

I thought I’d bunch them in groups of two and add a bit of homespun and a jingle bell this year.

So I tied them together with some of that jute twine that comes in big spools for like $2.00.

And then I started making a bunch more but I kind of mixed them all up in different ways.

Some of them ended up leaving as a single candy cane too.  I just wanted to keep things going differently so I didn’t get too bored.  I usually will lose interest in making things that look the exact same after a few.  It’s just my mind lol.

I decided to package them up into those clear treat bags from Walmart in the baking goods section for decorating.

I even added some little metal stars to a few.  Metal stars are cute on just about anything crafty lol.

I then tied these off at the top of the bag with another strip of the matching homespun fabric. And then I added a hanging gift tag.

I forgot to take a photo of them all tied up, I think, as I can’t find them.  But you get the jist, I’m sure.

So here it is, the before and after of these little plastic candy canes.

to this:

and these:

I hope ya’ll will give these a try and make some cuties.  These will be great tied onto those specially wrapped gifts or hanging onto a cute prim Christmas tree!

Happy Holidays!

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