DIY Salt Dough Cornbread Sticks

I love working with salt dough.
It’s such an easy mixture and there are tons of things you can make with it.
(Click here for my salt dough recipe)
Here is my most recent salt dough creation:


  • Just mix up some salt dough in a bowl
  • (I added some black craft paint to these sticks AFTER they were made) 
  • lightly spray a cast iron cornbread stick pan with Pam
  • press the salt dough into the cornbread pan
  • bake at 300* for approximately 45 minutes
That’s it!
Let them cool and flip it over and pop them out.
Here’s how they came out:

 The bottoms are smooth because I had pressed them in.

Most of mine came out easy. But there were one or two that I had to help along.

Overall, I love how they came out:

Just a neat idea to make if you like having some fake food sitting around
in those cute dishes you’ve collected.
And the primitive themed homes really look awesome with these cute, little simple touches!

Hope ya’ll liked this idea and happy crafting until next time ya’ll,

Snowman Ornies

Here’s a simple batch of Jingle bell Snowman Ornies that I painted last December.

Handpainted Rustic Snowman Bell Ornaments

I just finished up a new batch of hand painted Jingle bell Snowman Ornies today. These are great hanging on any primitive tree or tied onto a gift as a bonus present!
Only $1.59 each (Limited supply left, some pictured may now be unavailable)

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