Super simple idea here ya’ll. If you like little mason jars as much as I do, you may like this.
I started off with these clear, plain and simple little cute Mason Jars.
I just took some little new growths of  “Hen & Chicks,” (I think, no idea really about names, but someone told me they were) separated them,
 added some more good ground dirt to the jar 
 and stuck them in their very own mason jar.
That was pretty much all there was to it.
Now I know this doesn’t give the little plantings much room, but I don’t mind transplanting them on down the road into something larger.  
But as for now, I am loving having the little brown, grubby jar sitting on my desk.

I even stuck one in this cute little dish I found at a flea market.
I love it!
Happy Crafting Ya’ll,
 If you want to see I tinted the clear mason jars blue and various other colors, click here.
 Or how I made the jars n’ things grubby, click here, for the previous post.

DIY BLUE MASON JARS in AQUA and Various Colors

If you share the love old Mason jars with me, you will love this project.
Well, here is an easy way you can make your very own in any color from the plain ones.  And it will be dishwasher safe and so on because it is fired on the outside using your kitchen oven! 
You need to purchase a few basic supplies:
-Pebeo Vitrea 160 gel stain color in Turquoise
-Pebeo thinner
-a paintbrush (I use a fan brush)
-aluminum foil
-cookie sheet
-little bowl for mixing
-some clear jars unless you have some already
(I chose the squatty, widemouth jars that I found on eBay and now am 
selling some myself, on eBay, since I buy them by the tons.) 
They are just so cute!
Get ready for this shock. A package of 10 colors (45ml bottles) of this glass stain costs around $60.00 if you can find it online.  But if you want one color only they run about $15.00 each, including the thinner. Which you will need.
But don’t freak out! It takes so very little droplets of the stain that it will basically last you forever when you mix it with the thinner.  
Now on to making the beautiful, Aqua blue ones that are at the top of this page:
Do not shake the bottles. 
This will cause air bubbles and your paint gloss will be all bubbly on your jars!
The bottles say to stir well, so I just roll them around kinda easy to get it mixed up good.
  1. First, just dip then end of your brush handle into the stain and get about one droplet of the color out. Believe me, it don’t sound like much but it will go a long way.
  2.  Then just pour you out a little bit of the thinner.   
Below is the pic of all I needed to do two jars. 
Seriously, it is very runny. 
And don’t worry, you can always add more thinner to it if it’s not enough, or if the color is too dark.  I got the right shade of aqua after doing about 2 jars of failing because I thought I needed a lot of the gel color, which you do not.
4. Then just paint it on the jars. 
I do this by holding my hand inside it, and it’s upside-down. I started on the bottom and worked my paint down and over the sides and finished with the rims.
5. Sit it down on a cookie sheet, covered with aluminum foil to dry for 24 hours.
 You don’t want to have used so much color that it is puddling around the rims while it’s upside down to dry.
If so, it will harden and be hard to pull off. So try to work it with as little paint that you can to avoid this.
6.  After drying, place them in the oven, on the cookie sheets, and 
bake at 325* for only 40 minutes.
Place them in the oven when it’s cool and don’t take them out until it is cool again.  It’s suppose to help with the setting stage or something I read once.
7. And that is that! 
After they’ve completely dried they are ready to be used. And the paint bottles say after firing in the oven they are even dishwasher safe.
I am still just using mine as display jars though. I do not plan to put any food or such in them. Because I didn’t see anything written on the box about that.
Better safe than sorry, even if it is only applied to the outside.
I’ve also seen where people are using these at weddings to hold those floating candles!
And ps. 
There will be a few runs and drips that show up, but after you do a few, you will kind of figure out how to keep these a minimum. 
But oh well, it adds character to these hand colored jars right?
More photos of some finished ones, if you’d like to see:
Notice how they have a slight variation of blue tint? In a few at the bottom, I used a touch more paint thinner on those.
I just love this Aqua blue color! And I got it from mixing the Thinner with the Turquoise gel stain.

And here is some various other colors I tried from 
the 10 color box of gel stain:

I ended up mass producing these because they turned out to be pretty awesome sellers in my Booth #555 and in my eBay shop. But oddly none have sold yet in my Etsy shop.  But oh well, it’s still pretty fun to keep trying new colors and such. 
And I do not mind keeping what doesn’t sell. lol.

in Red but kind of looks more Redish Pink in light
in Teal Blue
in Soft Pink
in Amber Yellow
in a Gloss Black
in my favorite, Aqua
I am soon going to order some widemouth, reproduction, zinc looking lids to add on to these also. 
Wouldn’t that a awesome?
Which color is your favorite?
Leave me a comment if you give these a try.
I’d love to see how yours turn out!

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