Halloween Labels

It’s that time again! Time to add a lil creepy to our homes. And this year I did something new. I ordered some sticky Halloween themed labels from ebay, (because I didn’t feel like going out and buying the sticker paper & buying images on Etsy at the moment.) So it was just because I wanted the easy way out, or I’d have taken the time to do so. lol.

I made a lil box of things with labels to go in my Peddlers Mall booth as well. Here they are after I used what I needed, I packaged the left over labels up for sale in my booth also. So people can put them on what they want, if they don’t like my pre-made items.

As you see, they are just basically pre-made stickers with cute Halloween themes. That’s it. Ready to stick. Just find an object to put them on. Here’s some more pics of how I used them below on an old medicine bottle, can of beans and a can of tuna. I just took off the original labels and stuck them right on.
And here’s a little display I made on the front porch. Note the cute little barn wood cabinet that my wonderful hubby Greg made! Gotta love a crafty man! 🙂

I love these labels. So simple but they add a unique look for my decorations. I need to go snap some pics of the yard and area my husband decorates. I may add some later on, if I can remember.

Happy Crafting!

Halloween Magnets ( Xmas Lights Repurposed)

 I was going through the phase this weekend  of making snowmen magnets when it hit me. Halloween is sooner than Christmas, so I need to get in gear for that at my booth! So I had an idea to use some of the white and orange Christmas tree bulbs I had sitting in a jar. Left the base color alone, even though it has imperfections, I like it. Painted on a face with some Folk Art craft paint, added some homespun and on a few, added an orange button. Then lastly, I glued on a heavy crafting magnet on the back of each. Don’t want these falling and breaking if holding too many papers!  And here they are:

Sorry the pics are all sideways…. I just realized that…

 Which one do you like best? The ghost or the pumpkins?

Halloween Ghost Night Lights

I had fun making these the other night. They would be a great addition to the Halloween theme around your home. The soft glow when turned on adds a perfect spooky touch.

Price: only $3.59 each

Check out How to Make Crafty Pumpkins

Halloween Ghost Candles

Here’s my little ghost candles. Great for your Halloween table displays! Coming soon will be the cat silhouette and pumpkin faces. (note: these are not just painted on faces, they are set in wax)

Cost: only $1.00 each
(limited supply on all Halloween decor)

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